GPW Jeep Cooling System Radiator Rubber Tubes

GPW Jeep Cooling System Radiator Rubber TubesTackling the overheating Jeep – Part 3

Another long gap between updates, but this is a big one and also explains the long gaps between these overheating parts! This update includes custom radiator rubber tubes, fixing the thermostat elbow corrosion, some neat GPW finds, another fire extinguisher, and taking on a huge project!

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GPW #208102 Jeep's Original Fender Installed!

GPW #208102 Jeep's Original Fender Installed!Fender Project complete!

It’s been nearly two months’ worth of weekend work, but the whole ordeal with replacing the repro fender with the repaired original GPW fender is complete, including having to deal with a total realignment of the body tub! This update includes a recent update on the Jeep restoration as a whole, and getting an original push/pull switch tag!

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Fender work on GPW #208102 Jeep

Fender work on GPW #208102 JeepFender vs Body Tub

Last month I started the process of repairing my original GPW passenger fender to replace the temporary reproduction fender. With the welding and overall repairing done, it was time to swap the fenders… but things didn’t go as planned making what should have been a small project into a two-month project requiring a complete realignment of the body tub!

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The photo used for the cover of Military Vehicles Magazine

The photo used for the cover of Military Vehicles MagazineJeep makes the cover of a magazine and F Bolts!

A small update with some new enhancements to the Jeep in the form of replacing a few bolts for F stamped ones. Also, a really exciting announcement about the Jeep!

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New axles on the GPW

New axles on the GPWNew Year, New Axles!

Kicking off the New Year, things are in high gear as I continue work on replacing the CJ axles with the wartime GPW axles I’ve restored over the last year. This week I focused on reinstalling the front axle, starting off with adding the combat rims/tires, reinstalling the springs, adding the Torque Reaction Spring, and reinstalling the shocks! I also took some extra time to take plain head bolts on the fenders and turn them into F stamped bolts!

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Post-War SOS Fire Guard Fire Extinguisher

Post-War SOS Fire Guard Fire ExtinguisherFire Extinguishers, more Combat Rims, etc.

After last week’s big Combat Rim installation tutorial, this week went by a lot slower. I completed the rest of the combat rims (and I have a few extra notes to mention about them), worked on a post-war Fire Extinguisher, continued the ongoing chronicles of the GPW axles restoration, some ‘artsy’ shots of the Jeep, and more.

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Coker Firestone 600-16 NDT Tires

Coker Firestone 600-16 NDT TiresFire extinguisher, new wheels, F Bolts, and more!

This week an uptick with work on the Jeep! From getting a fire extinguisher bracket to four new firestone military tires for the Jeep! Also some more axle work was done (and some good news), replaced some more non-wartime bolts with F bolts, and more work testing out Voltage Regulator inspector stamps!

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1944 GPW #208102 Jeep

1944 GPW #208102 JeepThe week nothing happened…

This week’s update is going to be a bit small, mostly because I had nothing I could do this week to the Jeep but drive it! With the axles on hold till I get a Ring and Pinion, tires and combat rims on order awaiting arrival, and most small projects done, this week I decided to do another ‘state of the Jeep’ and showcase what’s left to do.

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GPW Hand Crank for G503 Jeep

GPW Hand Crank for G503 JeepMore F Stamps, Hand Crank, Windshield Latch, etc!

This week saw a lot of little projects including changing more things to F stamps, FINALLY getting a Ford Hand Crank, Flea Market finds, adding my original windshield latch, and more!

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GPW #208102 Jeep

GPW #208102 JeepBolt Changes, Inspector Stamps, and an F Stamp Guide!

After the very big update last week with the engine head change, this week was quite light. I changed out the last two hex bolts with the correct style recessed head bolts, continued work on finding the perfect way to put an inspector stamp on the Voltage Regulator, and since the update is so short, I thought I’d put together an external F stamp visual guide!

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