GPW #208102's engine during an oil change and oil pan cleaning.

GPW #208102's engine during an oil change and oil pan cleaning.Preventative Maintenance: Part 1

One thing often overlooked by Jeep owners is maintenance on their Jeeps! Here’s part 1 of preventative maintenance on a Jeep including greasing up the various spots on a Jeep and changing oil!

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Coker Firestone 600-16 NDT Tires

Coker Firestone 600-16 NDT TiresFire extinguisher, new wheels, F Bolts, and more!

This week an uptick with work on the Jeep! From getting a fire extinguisher bracket to four new firestone military tires for the Jeep! Also some more axle work was done (and some good news), replaced some more non-wartime bolts with F bolts, and more work testing out Voltage Regulator inspector stamps!

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GPW Trailer Socket

GPW Trailer SocketLittle Projects and more Axle work

This past week was a little slow with Jeep work, but managed to get in some work on finishing the installation of the trailer socket, adding a filter to the oil filter, and continuing work disassembling the GPW axles.

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GPW #208102's Engine

GPW #208102's EngineNew Oil Filter and more markings!

Hope all had a great Christmas! It’s been two weeks since the last update, and while I’ve been quite busy with various things keeping me away from the Jeep, I managed to get a lot of work in here and there spread out, especially restoring a new oil filter for the Jeep and applying the correct Ford decals! This is the type of work I really enjoy doing.

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L134 Engine on the GPW Frame

L134 Engine on the GPW FrameEngine is back on the frame!

It’s been a busy week of Jeep work, mainly mating the engine back on the frame for the first time since February! Took a bit of work, but it came back together! Since then, it’s been a fast pace of putting things back on the engine and getting it ready to test hopefully in the next week or two to see how well it runs! Work also continues on drilling holes in the MD Juan tub….

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NOS Voltage Regulator

NOS Voltage RegulatorVoltage Regulator and Pre-Painting

I opened the voltage regulator I got on ebay to a wonderful surprise, and work continues on various items for the Jeep. Plus, there was a ‘less windy than usual’ day so I was able to pre-paint the frame with primer!

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