GPW Jeep Cooling System Radiator Rubber Tubes

GPW Jeep Cooling System Radiator Rubber TubesTackling the overheating Jeep – Part 3

Another long gap between updates, but this is a big one and also explains the long gaps between these overheating parts! This update includes custom radiator rubber tubes, fixing the thermostat elbow corrosion, some neat GPW finds, another fire extinguisher, and taking on a huge project!

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GPW #208102 Jeep's Original Fender Installed!

GPW #208102 Jeep's Original Fender Installed!Fender Project complete!

It’s been nearly two months’ worth of weekend work, but the whole ordeal with replacing the repro fender with the repaired original GPW fender is complete, including having to deal with a total realignment of the body tub! This update includes a recent update on the Jeep restoration as a whole, and getting an original push/pull switch tag!

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INLET Stencil on my Oil Filter

INLET Stencil on my Oil FilterNew fuel lines, leaks, custom stencils for my First Aid Kit, and Oil Filter stamps!

This week was half frustrating, half fun! But it was expensive… After last week’s fuel leak, I got a set of new fuel lines and had to chase yet another leak. Then I started work on custom stencils for my first aid kit which came out awesome, and stencils to do stamping on the GPW oil filter. I also continue work on restorting various items and get some new canvas items for the Jeep!

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