Late War TOBE Filterette

Late War TOBE FilteretteWindshield weatherseal, NOS Filterette, & more!

Finally, some more work on the Jeep! I finally got around to replacing the over sprayed with paint windshield weather seal, which ended up a bigger task than I thought! I also finally got a NOS Tobe Filterette to replace my home-made mini filterette bypass that I had on the Jeep. That project took several days after some setbacks. During the process, I also fixed the annoying air filter wing screws that always seem to break. And lastly, I got another piece to the First Aid kit!

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GPW Hand Crank for G503 Jeep

GPW Hand Crank for G503 JeepMore F Stamps, Hand Crank, Windshield Latch, etc!

This week saw a lot of little projects including changing more things to F stamps, FINALLY getting a Ford Hand Crank, Flea Market finds, adding my original windshield latch, and more!

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MD Juan tub fitted to the original frame!

MD Juan tub fitted to the original frame!Body Tub Test Mounted!

Work continues at as fast of a pace as possible trying to get the Jeep ready by July 27th! Lots of new holes drilled, items test fitted, and a LOT more! This is a big update!

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GPW #208102 Data Plates and Glove Box

GPW #208102 Data Plates and Glove BoxWork here and there…

For the last two weeks I’ve been working on the Jeep when I can, but it’s been busy with the Planes of Fame Air Show 2019 and several air to air photoshoots. But things are getting back on track and there’s a lot to update on the Jeep, so let’s go!

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GPW fender and grill getting some 33070 OD Green

GPW fender and grill getting some 33070 OD GreenPainting and Grill Work

Finally was able to get some more painting in, mainly due to setting up a paint booth because I was so fed up with the wind! Progress is coming along, as most things get painted the closer I get to putting them back on the Jeep!

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M38 Rim on a 600-16 Tire Wheel

M38 Rim on a 600-16 Tire WheelPainting and metal work

Not as much done this week as I was hoping, but still, little victories here and there getting closer and closer. Waiting on calm wind so I can really hit the painting now that I have another gallon of OD Green paint. Also, hope to order the reproduction body tub in the next day or two.

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The bare metal GPW windshield and repro inner windshield

The bare metal GPW windshield and repro inner windshieldWindshield Restoration: Part 2

Work continues on the Windshield… getting closer and closer to being done! Huge progress was made November 3rd when I was able to get the windshield adjustment screw bolt welded into my outer windshield frame thanks to Paul and Tom at the Planes of Fame Air Museum. That same weekend I finally figured out the best way to get all the remaining paint off the windshield… wish I’d known this from the beginning! I then test fitted everything and it worked well!

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The first project: The GPW Windshield!

The first project: The GPW Windshield!Work begins on the Jeep

One of the first projects I wanted to get started with on the Jeep was the Windshield. It has several issues, including a make-shift inner windshield with plexiglass as windows. The windshield is two parts, the outer windshield that is the frame with the arms that attach to the Jeep, and the inner windshield that contains the glass. The inner windshield can flip upwards with an adjusting arm so the driver/passenger could ‘shoot’ through the windshield without shooting the glass. The other issue was 7 layers of paint that needed to be removed. I decided to take this down to the metal… but hand. It’s been a few weeks of weekend wire wheeling, sanding, and scraping but it’s getting closer. See the photos for more info on each step.

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