M38 Rim on a 600-16 Tire Wheel

M38 Rim on a 600-16 Tire WheelPainting and metal work

Not as much done this week as I was hoping, but still, little victories here and there getting closer and closer. Waiting on calm wind so I can really hit the painting now that I have another gallon of OD Green paint. Also, hope to order the reproduction body tub in the next day or two.

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The bare metal GPW windshield and repro inner windshield

The bare metal GPW windshield and repro inner windshieldWindshield Restoration: Part 2

Work continues on the Windshield… getting closer and closer to being done! Huge progress was made November 3rd when I was able to get the windshield adjustment screw bolt welded into my outer windshield frame thanks to Paul and Tom at the Planes of Fame Air Museum. That same weekend I finally figured out the best way to get all the remaining paint off the windshield… wish I’d known this from the beginning! I then test fitted everything and it worked well!

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