The first project: The GPW Windshield!

The first project: The GPW Windshield!Work begins on the Jeep

One of the first projects I wanted to get started with on the Jeep was the Windshield. It has several issues, including a make-shift inner windshield with plexiglass as windows. The windshield is two parts, the outer windshield that is the frame with the arms that attach to the Jeep, and the inner windshield that contains the glass. The inner windshield can flip upwards with an adjusting arm so the driver/passenger could ‘shoot’ through the windshield without shooting the glass. The other issue was 7 layers of paint that needed to be removed. I decided to take this down to the metal… but hand. It’s been a few weeks of weekend wire wheeling, sanding, and scraping but it’s getting closer. See the photos for more info on each step.

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