GPW #208102 with B-25J Mitchell 'Pacific Princess'

GPW #208102 with B-25J Mitchell 'Pacific Princess'Planes of Fame Air Museum event, Air Field History, & more!

Despite the ongoing issue with the rear axle sound, I took the Jeep out to the Planes of Fame Air Museum for their Live Demo event. The museum is located at Chino Airport, formerly a US Army Air Force training base called ‘Cal Aero Field’. After the event I took a Jeep tour around the airport. I also did some minor cosmetic work on the Jeep this week, used a tachometer to dial in the RPMs, cleaned up some tools, etc!

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Horn Contact Wire

Horn Contact WireLots of little projects and two major ones!

After last week’s excitement with the hood numbers, this week was a lot of work on various projects. Starting with the painting of more axle parts, replacing some bolts with F bolts, fixing the horn wire, and figuring out issues with the fuel tank sender. Lots of ‘how tos’ in this update!

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GPW #208102 Jeep

GPW #208102 JeepMore Axle work and a look at what’s left

This week was a bit slow again, and I only got to work on the rear axle disassembling it more checking it out. I discover several Ford F marks, and see what condition the brakes are in. At the end of the post after some shots of the Jeep while out driving, I break down what’s left to do on the Jeep till I can say I’m pretty much ‘done’. While the overall restoration is finished, there’s still plenty left to do!

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