1944 GPW Jeep with Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress 'Sentimental Journey'

1944 GPW Jeep with Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress 'Sentimental Journey'WW2 Bombers, MD Juan Grill Display, and Flea Market finds

It’s been a while since the last full update, so here’s a special one with what all has happened in the last month! First, the Jeep got to meet two incredible World War 2 bombers including a B-29 Superfortress and a B-17 Flying Fortress! Lots of photos with both the aircraft. Then, I finished the MD Juan grill display that I had worked on in August which is now hanging in my garage. Finally, various flea market finds including tools and how to identify correct Schrader screw type tire valve caps.

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GPW #208102 with B-25J Mitchell 'Pacific Princess'

GPW #208102 with B-25J Mitchell 'Pacific Princess'Planes of Fame Air Museum event, Air Field History, & more!

Despite the ongoing issue with the rear axle sound, I took the Jeep out to the Planes of Fame Air Museum for their Live Demo event. The museum is located at Chino Airport, formerly a US Army Air Force training base called ‘Cal Aero Field’. After the event I took a Jeep tour around the airport. I also did some minor cosmetic work on the Jeep this week, used a tachometer to dial in the RPMs, cleaned up some tools, etc!

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Ammo Crate Radio

Ammo Crate RadioAmmo Crate Radio , Display Sign, & Flea Market!

Taking a break from the axle clackity issue this week, I focused on some fun side projects for the Jeep when it’s on display at future events. First, I had an idea for a custom-made Ammo Crate radio that looks like a WW2 soldier field mod! I go through the entire idea to finish product. I also finished my custom-made ammo can Jeep display sign. I also got some fun Jeep items from a local flea market over the weekend!

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Wartime Jeep Axle

Wartime Jeep AxleDriving, small adjustments, and Wartime Axles!

It’s been a lot of fun driving the Jeep around the neighborhood the last week, and little projects continue to improve the Jeep! Plus, I get a pair of wartime Jeep axles!

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