GPW Blackout Marker Light

GPW Blackout Marker LightElectrical Work and Engine Rebuild

This past week has had a lot of activity on the Jeep with more small projects as I wait for good non-windy weather to paint the frame. Lots of electrical items have arrived for the Jeep, and I was able to test most of them with the battery. Some fun surprises! Work is about done on the engine with the oil pan reinstalled, just needs to be put back on the frame once the frame is painted.

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GPW Headlights

GPW HeadlightsHeadlight Restoration Begins…

Every night I’ve been taking on a new project and continue working on it once previous projects hit a pause (like waiting for a weekend to use loud power tools). I started the process of removing the headlights from the Jeep including undoing all of the wiring (in prep for the new wiring harness). It wasn’t too complicated of a process, though I had to un-solder the wiring to the headlights internally. After some sandblasting and then some red oxide primer, they are ready for OD Green paint!

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