Ford GPW Jeep #208102's L-134 Engine

Ford GPW Jeep #208102's L-134 EngineStudio Shoots & Military Show Finds

A small update this month, I take a look at how I shot the studio-looking photos of the Jeep without it being in an actual studio! Then I showcase some finds at a local militaria show including another TM manual, a WW2 Jeep toy, and some wartime jeep photos!

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4x4 Ride on Jeep redone in WW2 Jeep colors!

4x4 Ride on Jeep redone in WW2 Jeep colors!4×4 Jeep for Christmas, Ignition Switch, and Jeep Toys!

A bit of a different update for these past few weeks… First, a special project for Christmas as I redo a 4×4 ‘Jeep’ ride-on vehicle for my nephew, then finishing the ignition switch knob project! And a recap of some Jeep-related items I got for Christmas.

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1944 GPW #208102 Jeep

1944 GPW #208102 JeepPhotoshoot, Russian ‘Jeep Clone’, and Jerry Can Nozzle!

Another slower week since there wasn’t a lot to do on the Jeep work wise, but with a day of cooler cloudy weather, I was able to take the Jeep out to a new location and do a photoshoot in several spots with some great results! Also, I chronicle, through photos, a Russian ‘clone’ of the Jeep… a GAZ-67 located at the Planes of Fame Air Museum. Finally, I begin work on a very rusty Jerry Can nozzle.

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Gunked up L134 Coolant System

Gunked up L134 Coolant SystemFlushing the Coolant System Part 1, TRS Shackles, and more!

This week’s update features Part 1 of a complete flush of the coolant system only the Jeep, which is quite the process. I also do some more GPW axle work, continue restoring the Torque Reaction Spring items focusing on the shackles removing the bushings and figuring out what to replace them with. Also some other various projects and starting a new Coca Cola project!

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GPW #208102 as she arrived at the house October 7, 2018!

Bringing the Jeep home


I first got the Jeep on October 7, 2018. A friend, Michael Wilgus, who was a member of the 82nd Airborne Living History Association (LHA) reenactment group was looking to part with his Jeep. It was a tough decision, but he was moving out of California and felt the Jeep wouldn’t be appreciated for what it is stuck on a ranch in Arizona. I mentioned I was interested, and about a month later I had sealed the deal completing a 20 year wish of mine to someday own a Jeep.

Mike brought the Jeep to the house on October 7th, 2019 along with a few boxes of spare parts and some pieces he had intended to replace. At the time, the Jeep had been sitting for about a year in a garage and was in need of some work. She wasn’t running, although the starter and engine would turn over. After giving her a quick bath later in the day I rolled her out onto the driveway and took some ‘before’ photos. I should have taken all angles of the Jeep that day, but I was on cloud nine being a new owner of a World War 2 Jeep! I wasn’t sure yet what exactly I was going to do with the Jeep, be it just a quick tune-up and new paint job, or a full frame-off restoration. In hindsight, knowing how much I document every little thing with this restoration, I wish I’d taken tons of photos! 

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