Ford GPW Jeep #208102's L-134 Engine

Ford GPW Jeep #208102's L-134 EngineStudio Shoots & Military Show Finds

A small update this month, I take a look at how I shot the studio-looking photos of the Jeep without it being in an actual studio! Then I showcase some finds at a local militaria show including another TM manual, a WW2 Jeep toy, and some wartime jeep photos!

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Jeeps at a reenactor camp in Normandy, France near Sáint Mére Eglise

Jeeps at a reenactor camp in Normandy, France near Sáint Mére EgliseSPECIAL UPDATE – Jeeps in Normandy!

This week I decided to do a special update about the Jeeps I saw in Normandy, France during the 2019 75th Anniversary of D-Day. I documented every single Jeep I saw during that time taking over 2,500 photos of Jeeps in five days! This update showcases some of the interesting Jeeps I saw around France and some of the Jeep events that took place. Looking forward to the 80th anniversary when I head back!

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A Willys MB Jeep at Lyon Air Museum

Lyon Air Museum Military Vehicle Event

Sadly, couldn’t finish the Jeep in time for today’s event at Lyon Air Museum. I still need at least a week or more.
But there are some really awesome Jeeps here and great references as I finish the restoration!

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