Combat Rim on GPW Rear Axle

Combat Rim on GPW Rear AxleRear Axle Extravaganza!

This past week was a whirlwind of work on the rear axle replacement, finally removing the CJ axles and bringing in the wartime GPW one with combat rims and correct Firestone tires! It wasn’t all fun, though, as I had to weld underneath the Jeep, ran into some issues reinstalling the springs, and more. But still, making progress!

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Radioactive Firestone F-40 Spark Plugs

Radioactive Firestone F-40 Spark PlugsMore fake Rivets, radioactive spark plugs, and a GPW project

This was a bit of a slower week with only some smaller projects. After last week’s success with the fake rivets on the passenger seat, I decided to tackle the rear seat in the same way with even better results. I also found some correct ‘radioactive’ spark plugs for the Jeep! Finally, I tackle a project that asks, what if Ford was producing GPW Jeeps during a pandemic?

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GPW #208102 at the Golf Course!

GPW #208102 at the Golf Course!Fake rivets, Fire Extinguisher, and more F stamps!

This week had some fun smaller projects on the Jeep such as adding ‘fake rivets’ to the passenger seat swivel bracket, moving the custom starter switch so I could mount the Fire Extinguisher in the bracket, and getting my safety strap large bolts F stamped! Plus some different looks at the Jeep.

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