GPW #208102 at the Los Angeles Air Raid of 1942 event

GPW #208102 at the Los Angeles Air Raid of 1942 eventThe Jeep goes public!

This week the Jeep made the first public appearance at an event in San Pedro, CA for the LA Air Raid of 1942! Then the next day the Jeep went to Old Towne Orange, CA for a mini-photoshoot in the area. Overall a great outing with lots of photos! Restoration wise, I was only able to get a little bit of sandblasting in and fixing a broken panel light switch.

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Correct Dash Switches on a 1944 GPW

Correct Dash Switches on a 1944 GPWDashboard switches

On the dashboard of a Willys Jeep, you have several switches that control everything from the lights, the engine choke, engine throttle (think of it as an ‘early cruise control’), the panel lights, etc. The Jeep was missing most of the switches including what’s known as the ‘push/pull’ switch that could controls all sorts of the lights based on how you pull the main knob. I removed all the switches that were incorrect and purchased new ones including a vintage push/pull switch. I then removed all the switches on the dash and did a test fitting of them all (not hooked up).

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