Original GPW hood being restored

Original GPW hood being restoredA slow week…

This week slowed down to a crawl as I’m in a bit of a waiting pattern for the next stages of the axle work. But I did work on some of the smaller items I purchased two weeks ago at the swap meet, and I continued (slow) work on restoring the original GPW hood.

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Wartime Fire Extinguisher with Label

Wartime Fire Extinguisher with LabelFire Extinguisher, more Horn Work, Axle work, and more!

This week continues the busy work with all the new items I acquired for the Jeep in the previous updates. I changed the mount for my Horn based on some new evidence, finished the restoration of a proper Fire Extinguisher, installed the GPW dipstick, I started work on the replacement GPW hood, and more axle work (which ran into a major halt).

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