PowerMaster PowerGen Alternator

PowerMaster PowerGen AlternatorRear axle work, axle dating, alternator enhancements, & more!

After last week’s difficult task of setting the ring and pinion (which continued this week, but it’s finally ‘mostly’ set, so I’ll add more thoughts on the process) I took some time this week to figure out the rough timeframe of the axles after some research, getting the U bolts ready, an infuriating setback with the driveshaft, adding a final touch to the ‘generator’ alternator, and more!

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Top Bow Footman Loop

Top Bow Footman LoopAll about the Top Bows!

This week saw several more projects finished on the Jeep including the addition of footman loops on the top bows along with the top bow straps, the addition of the top bow storage straps under the passenger seat, a complete tutorial on how to fold the canvas top and also how to put a canvas top on a Jeep, more GPW axle work, and much more!

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