LED GPW Brake Light Conversion

LED GPW Brake Light ConversionTire Pump, LED Brake Light Conversion, and more!

A full week of work since the last update, this week I was able to finish the tire pump restoration project and mount it to the rear seat on my Jeep. I also had my brake light burn out, so I decided to convert it to LED using the original lens! Finally, I sandblast some of the axle items I took off last week and begin to take apart my emergency brake. Finally, I have been prepping the Jeep for its first adventure coming this Saturday!

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ORD WW2 Tire Pump

ORD WW2 Tire PumpTire Pump, Floor Mats, and Axle work!

Another week working on several Jeep projects! This week I finished the last steps in the Tire Pump restoration, it’s ready to mount. Also, I may have found the perfect solution to floor mats for the Jeep. Finally, I am almost finished taking apart the axles for their restoration and discover more F stamps along the way.

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Wartime GPW Front Axle

Wartime GPW Front AxleAxle work, restoring the tire pump, and more!

Last week I was on vacation, so here’s a 2-week large update featuring the restoration of a WW2 tire pump for the Jeep and continuing work on taking apart the front wartime GPW axle! Lots of F stamps, grease, and neat discoveries!

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