HAPPY 79th BIRTHDAY TO GPW #208102 Jeep!


Celebrating 79 years today, having a Date of Delivery on June 26, 1944. Almost an 80-year-old gal, but she still looks pretty young!

I took the Jeep out for a ‘birthday’ drive just an hour ago today to get this shot. She’s just one year away from the big 80!

WW2 Jeeps owners often consider the DOD (Date of Delivery to the US Government) as the ‘birthday’ of the Jeep. While it was probably built a few days before and then tested before being given the stamp of approval from Ford, that’s the only definitive date Jeep owners have. This here is the original Ford unrestored data plate with the 6-26-44 date. Built-in Louisville, KY she is serial number #208102.

I recently got this LIFE magazine I’ve been on the hunt for, with the same date as the Jeep. Naturally, I had to pair them together for this day. There are actually several magazines that came out on June 26, 1944 (which was a Monday) which I hope to acquire in the future!

So happy birthday to the Jeep, celebrating 79 years since June 26, 1944!