Bleeding the GPW Brakes

Bleeding the GPW BrakesDrag Links, Wheel Alignment, Brake Bleeding…

Work continues at a rapid pace with the GPW axles! With the CJ axles GONE, the wartime restored GPW axles are going in. This update is packed with things from the installation of the GPW drag link, adjusting the steering, finding a solution to the bending spring leaf plates, setting the wheel alignment and toe-in (with a diagram!), and finally… bleeding the brakes!

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Canvas Water Bucket on the Jerry Can

Canvas Water Bucket on the Jerry CanElectronic work, axle work, and canvas dying!

This week progress slowed a bit down on the Jeep, but still a lot of work done. I worked on replacing the dimmer switch, fixing the ammeter gauge, more wartime axle work, and dying my super faded canvas water bucket back to OD Green!

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