T-84 Transmission Rebuild


Finally, starting the other half of the transmission/transfer case restoration and rebuilds with the T-84 complete rebuild! From an empty case to a nearly ready to install transmission, the entire process is documented. Once you get the hand of how it all fits together, it’s actually quite simple! After the build, I also attach the crossmember support bracket. Finally, a new SOS Fire Guard decal for my Fire Extinguisher!

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GPW #208102 One Year after the Restoration started


It’s been ONE YEAR since the Jeep was delivered to my house by Michael. I celebrated by driving the Jeep, for the first time, down the driveway and back into the garage twice! Small little trip, but a great first test to see how well she handles… and great to have her move under her own power in over two years!
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The beginning of GPW 208102's Journey


The beginning of GPW 208102's Journey

Welcome to the restoration blog! I will be documenting the re-restoration of my 1944 Ford built GPW Jeep! I purchased the Jeep in October of 2018. When I first got the Jeep, it was in okay condition and was up and running with a little work. It had sat idle in a garage for a year since it last ran. After reviewing the entire Jeep, I decided it needs work to get it to an accurate restoration. So I decided to give it a frame-up restoration. Follow along as I slowly re-restore it with updates every Friday on the progress until I finish the restoration!

2021 UPDATE: This all started as a page on Facebook (https://facebook.com/1944gpw) but after nearly two years of getting more and more followers, it became clear finding specific posts of the restoration updates wasn’t easy on Facebook. So I had the idea to convert the entire page over to a WordPress blog so it was easy to search and look up information from the restoration. It would also be cached by google, so people googling specific questions as they restore their Jeeps might find their way here. It’s a slow process as at the time of copying everything over from Facebook, there are well over 400 updates with thousands of photos and captions!

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