MD Juan and Original GPW Body Tubs

MD Juan and Original GPW Body TubsRepro Tub is here!

As mentioned in the previous quick update, the new MD Juan reproduction tub kit has arrived! With it comes some interesting discoveries, some good news, and some bad news. Plus, it brings a few headaches. This update I’ll compare the new repro tub with the original GPW tub and contrast the challenges I have ahead! Plus some other small projects I’ve done over the past week!

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MD Juan and Original GPW Body Tubs Compared

MD Juan tub is finally home!

Quick update, the body tub has arrived at the house! Here’s a quick shot of the new reproduction MD Juan tub VS my original 1944 tub. Remember, I’ll be keeping the original tub and slowly repairing all the major rust damage (welding, metalwork, etc) over the next few years. Until then, I’ll be able to drive my jeep thanks to the repro tub.
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