GPW Jeep #208102 with C-47A Skytrain 'Virginia Ann'

GPW Jeep #208102 with C-47A Skytrain 'Virginia Ann'Grand Encampment Event, Fire Extinguisher Polishing, & updates!

In this week’s update, I took the Jeep out to The Grand Encampment held last weekend at Flabob Airport to have on display with good company of other jeeps, aircraft, and a tank! I also started work on the restoration of the early fire extinguisher including a really nice polishing, and some updates on various projects!

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GPW #208102's Original Factory Numbers

GPW #208102's Original Factory NumbersAxle painting and Jeep Hood History!

This week more work was done to the front wartime axle including painting, disassembling the steering rods, etc. Then it started to rain in SoCal, so I shifted my focus to something I’ve been meaning to do for a while… wet sand the hood to find if there were any original markings from WW2 on the Jeep! This yielded some amazing and surprising results on the Jeep’s history. But, I need some help to decipher the numbers! This is a big update!

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