GPW Fuel Filter LidFuel Filter restoration begins

While going through the engine, I noticed the fuel filter was bypassed. An inline clear window fuel filter was instead added and extra fuel lines were installed so the filter wouldn’t be needed. I decided to take apart the fuel filter and give it a good cleaning and try to get it back up and running. I’d still be using a clear window in-line fuel filter as it’s a good idea since modern fuels are different than WW2 ones. After soaking the parts in vinegar for a day, I used a wire brush to scrape the rust off then went out and bought a sandblaster to get it nice and clean!

Here is the bypassed original WW2 fuel filter (circled in red). Notice the fuel lines next to it going around the filter. It is also painted incorrectly.

The fuel filter top cap. You can see the cursive F stamp (for Ford) just under the main screw hole.

The inside of the cover cap had 70+ year old fuel residue and rust.

Inside the fuel filter bowl showing the filter itself… which is hundreds of little mini-disks stacked on eachother. That entire middle filter slides off the that screw shaft.

Soaking the cover cap in vinegar!

After soaking the bowl (with the filter removed and soaking in gasoline)… not bad!

After soaking in vinegar… better, but needs sand blasting.

After sand blasting. MUCH BETTER!

Before and afters! Sandblasting really does the trick.

Red Oxide primer painted on the cover cap. It’s pretty much ready for OD Green color!