A Jeep on Omaha Beach, France during the 75th Anniversary of D-DayBACK FROM FRANCE!

It’s been quite the trip the last week to France for the 75th Anniversary of D-Day! There were at least 1,000-2,000 Jeeps in Normandy the days before and after June 6th. It was incredible to see so many Jeeps literally in every road, town, and beach. I took thousands of Jeep photos for reference, and picked up some awesome Jeep related merch! It really made me excited to finish my Jeep!

All the Jeep related swag I got while in Normandy. It was amazing how much Jeep merch was in every museum, little souvenir stand, and in several Jeep stores! I’ll explain more of what’s in here a bit later.

A Jeep on Omaha Beach during sunrise, June 6th, 2019. Exactly 75 years to the hour of when the invasion began.

Nearly 100 Jeeps (so many more not seen in this shot) at the Jeep meet near Sword Beach. So much reference!

Back to the merch… here are various shirts featuring Jeeps, a Jeep hat, two Jeep books (the yellow one is in French, but is considered the ‘holy grail’ of Jeep books), and assorted Jeep patches, keychains, etc. The stickers under the hat are water decals for my GPW oil filter that I needed and a water decal for the fuel filter (which I already had). The French/English book at the very bottow (‘La Jeep’) I found in a used book store in Piccadilly Circus in the UK.

Top left, slightly cut off is a ‘Eagle’ oil can for my Jeep that I got at one of the Jeep stores (yes, they have stores that are for Willys Jeeps in France and the UK!). The JEEP book at the top is a new book produced by Jeep Village in France that is also an amazing reference book for Jeep restorers. I made the trip to that store just to get that book from them! Another two willys jeep shirts, and at the bottom right corner is a Jeep rain poncho from the Museum of the Battle of Normandy.

Top is the oil filter and fuel filter water decals I got from the Jeep D.Day 44 store. Then Jeep keychains, a cool Jeep patch, Jeep dog tags, and a Jeep 75th magnet.

Jeeps and various vehicles on Omaha Beach.

Jeeps Jeeps and more Jeeps!

Another shot of the big Jeep meet near Sword Beach. Met Ron Fitzpatrick from Ron Fitzpatrick Jeep Parts at the meet! As you probably have figured out by now, I get a lot of parts from his awesome store.

Lot of great ‘different’ jeeps to see. Loved the variety of paint jobs, custom items on the Jeeps, etc.

Everywhere you went, like Gold Beach here, you’d see Jeeps.

You’d be driving and stumble across a parade of military vehicles like this spot near Gold Beach. We were there at the perfect time to watch the parade and when they started to park all the vehicles.

Or in the Liberatoration parade in Bayeux, France. This was a fun parade to watch and had over 100 vehicles.

Jeeps (like this AAF Jeep which will be similar to how mine is painted) at the famous Sainte-Mère-Église church.

A Photographer Jeep at the Museum of the Battle of Normandy. So many Jeeps in museums there!

More Jeeps over near Omaha Beach in a ‘D-Day Experience’ camp.

Change the filter to black and white and it could be from WW2!

A Jeep you could sit in and pose for photos in the Normandy Victory Museum.

Jeeps in a massive camp near Sainte-Mère-Église

Jeeps on parade at Omaha Beach

More and more Jeeps!

Drive to a random town and BOOM… Jeeps!

I tried to document EVERY (yes every) Jeep I ran across.

Jeeps in town squares. We just happened to run into a small group while walking around Bayeux.

Slat Grill Jeeps. Seriously, I think I’ve now seen all types of Jeeps there are.

Another photographer Jeep, loved the extra items on this one.

Jeeps undergoing restoration.

Jeeps parked all over on the side of the roads. Love the pinup on this one.

Jeep traffic jams in some areas.

Jeeps in parks and at concerts.

Jeeps lined up for parades all over Normandy.

Here’s the parking lot for the Jeep D.Day 44 store. This was a store to buy Jeep parts. They were quite busy with people needing parts for their jeeps in Normandy, so they were sold out on a bunch of things sadly! (great for them!)

Here’s the parking lot for a random McDonalds… guess what, a Jeep!

Great names for Jeeps and lots of pinups on Jeeps. Different color paint jobs on Jeeps, etc etc.

With and without canvas tops, some were basic, some where tricked out.

It was such an amazing assortment of Jeeps. I wish someone had been able to accurately count how many were in Normandy.

Here’s the entrance to Jeep Village a bit south of Paris. Bought those awesome books from there.

Here’s the inside of Jeep Village, where they are restoring many Jeeps at the moment. It was such an amazing adventure this trip! But now I’m back home, so it’s time to finish MY Jeep! Till next week!